Have a walk outside, in nature, resource your mind, body and spirit, and… pick up collage materials!

Leaves, flowers, twigs, stems, grass, dried or fresh, you can definitely use all of these for your collage projects.

In this lesson, I am using the dried petals and protective bulb of a bouquet my friend got me over a month ago. When it was starting dying, I decided to let it dry completely to use in a project. I intended to also use bigger leaves in this project, but the snow covered them all!

Click on the image to watch this lesson’s video (free download)

I decided to create a simple background for my project, using watercolours.

I then applied a generous amount of Mod Podge in round shapes and dropped my dried petals over them, pressing to make the petals adhere. These petals are very small and it was quite fiddly, as you can see on the video, to make them stick. I would recommend using bigger petals (another project for next time).

Once applied, I dried my Mod Podge. This took a very long time as the layers were so thick. I used my hairdryer on cool setting.

Using a black gel pen, I am scribbling around my petal circles to create the shape of a flower (at least the illusion of it!) and some stems.
On the stems, I am gluing some pieces of the dried bulb from the carnation flowers to create leaves on my drawn stems.

Et voila…