This next lesson is all about creating your own collage materials.

In this tutorial, I am showing you quite a few techniques and examples of what you can do. Obviously, you do not have to use all the techniques you know in just one piece; you can mix and match, and this will bring you a lot of variety and a nice and eclectic collection of collage papers.

Once you have created your collage papers, I would advise to either scan them (at the highest quality possible) or take photos in a good daylight, so that you can print them and re-use them. I really like how this one turned out; so much that I am quite hesitant to start cutting it! Scanning it will enable me to use it multiple times without ever using my original, until I’m ready to cut it out.

06 create your own collage paper to use in your collage projects
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In this lesson, I am using a variety of supplies and techniques.


  • Multi-purpose/copier paper
  • Ranger Distress Stains
  • Acrylic paints
  • Scraps of papers and fabric from previous projects
  • Mod Podge and a stiff brush
  • an old loyalty card to spread paint and other medium
  • clear and white gesso
  • homemade craft foam stamp
  • Lyra graphite crayon
  • Stabilo All pencil in black#Faber Castell Pitt Brush pen in black
  • white gel pen
  • waterbrush
  • heat tool or hair dryer (I’m not patient but if you are, you can wait for each layer to dry)


  • applying random blocks of colours
  • collaging a variety of materials to create texture
  • using clear gesso to give an even surface to your paper (important if you want to add an extra layer
  • toning down bright/dark areas with white gesso
  • creating marks
  • adding pattern
  • activating watersoluble media
  • monoprinting
  • blending
  • creating contrast