For this lesson, I am utilising a piece of see-through and highly-textured fabric (I have no idea what type it is and where I got it from, sorry – if anyone can tell me the name for it, please let me know), as well as fabric scraps and squares.

Including fabric in your collage automatically brings interest and texture to your project, especially if you combine it with paper.

I am also using scraps of the magazine page I used last lesson to create the background, the final remnants of that manilla envelope I have been using since lesson 01, a cut out from a comic book, leftovers of book pages, a magazine cut-out of photographed coarse linen (it looks like a piece of fabric) and some pens to make some marks.

My adhesive of choice is Mod Podge Matte (as it usually is).

03 using fabric and paper in your collage
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