You do not need to break the bank to start collage. All you need, really are the following:

  • something to collage on;
  • something to collage;
  • something to collage with.

Yes, it is that simple! Over the course of this class, I will show you different options of how you can go about collaging, even on a non-existent art supply budget.

In this video, I am introducing you to a variety of collage materials and useful art supplies to have.

00 collage materials and useful supplies
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N.B.– A good quality glue stick (I love UHU and Pritt) is a great and cheap option to collage, especially if you are using thin or normal weight paper (up to 100gsm). For anything thicker or fabric, you will need a liquid-based adhesive as the glue stick will not adhere enough.