The Easy Collage Class is a free online class created by Christelle from Christelle’s Art Factory at www.christellesartfactory.com.

This class is exclusive to all Christelle’s Art Factory (AKA “CAF”) Club.

The videos in this class are all private links to watch the videos on Vimeo. From this platform, all the videos will be downloadable for you to keep and watch offline forever.

The Easy Collage Class is designed for anyone who wants to experiment with collage, from genuine beginner to seasoned artist. It uses basic collage principle and offers collage ideas for all types of budgets. No, you do not need to spend a lot of money to try your hand at collage! Use what you already have on hand and that will do just fine to start with.

So grab your glue stick, papers and scissors and jump right in!

Happy collaging!